Art by Lewis Terry

Digital impressionism from UK based artist Lewis Terry.
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Shady of the Shadows-A tribute to my pals Anna and Marisa.

I had a few people after yesterdays posts ask to see more pictures of my brief Biro work.  Today I drew six pages worth, so here is some of it.

Each individual pictures takes me no more than 1-2 mins.  Some with reference some without.  I have been studying a lot of pulp sci-fi covers from the 50’s and some other stuff too.

I am glad people like seeing this stuff as well as the finished works.

As I have nothing to upload for today due to all of my work being private commissions or comic work.  Here are a handful of the many doodles I did today straight in Biro in my under-used sketchbook.

A preview piece from a small project to get me back into comics.  

It is going to be pretty rough and brief.

A commission I drew up for my good pal James Stayte.  I don’t normally upload my commissioned works but I was so happy with this I felt it needed sharing with the world.
If you are interested in commissioning me please get in touch at


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An interview with Lewis Terry, digital impressionist artist


Lewis Terry is an artist with a one-of-a-kind style. An overused phrase, maybe, but it really does apply to this artwork, because Terry takes his inspiration from an oft-overlooked place in the world of art. His is the domain of digital impressionism, where images take on a part-photorealistic,…

I have been featured and interviewed on Renegade Revolution! Check it out via the link attached!

Special thanks to the Renegade-Revolution guys for the feature!

Everyone has inner demons, issues and personal hang-ups.  It is something that not only makes us different, but human.  Listen to those that could need a hand, get rid of the stigma and try and be proud of who you are.  It is time to accept our differences, not hide ourselves from the world.

I have been on holiday for three days in Stratford-Upon-Avon.  Whilst away I vowed to draw my fiancée a bit more.  So here was a quick pic I drew of her today.