Art by Lewis Terry

Digital impressionism from UK based artist Lewis Terry.
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Frog Prince, drawn for Daily Doodle on Twitter.

My zombie art seems to be well received at the moment, so I drew some more!

My Daily Doodle. Theprompt was Gingerbread Man.

                                “History is Written by the Victors.” 

                  - Winston Churchill

 My Daily Doodle. Theprompt was Little Pigs.
As my line art is proving popular, I thought I would upload some more of it.
From right to left:  Beth the Vampire: A demon from a dream.
Guardian Angel: An angel from a dream.
My entry for the Walking Dead weekly Challenge: Rick’s Hand

A Lannister Always Pays His Debts

Game of Thrones is back, so here’s some zombie Lannisters!


A prompt from Daily Doodle on Twitter.

The Actuality Bulwark
Actuality Bulwarks protect humanity from the horrors of reality. Enabling those in need to escape into their own dream world and disassociate from the grim reality that they have to face on a day to day basis.
Here is a girl using her’s, to escape via a boat into a world of watery relaxation.
 My Daily Doodle. Theprompt was Girl with Pet Monster.

The Ultimate Warrior died this week at the age of 54.
Here’s my digital painting of him that I completed for a Sketch Dailies challenge on Twitter.

A Study In Black

Continuing on from my love of drawing zombies as of late, here is a zombiefied version of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock!

I bought Zombicide after the International Games Day.
Here are two drawings for 2 of my scenarios.

Zombies, drawn in my lineart style of myself, my Fiancée, her brother and his girlfriend.