Art by Lewis Terry

Digital impressionism from UK based artist Lewis Terry.
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Just a quick pic I drew before getting ready for work.


Me and my Fiancé had our Tomodachi Life ‘wedding’ today!

Roll on the real one on the 25th July 2015! 😚👌😍

My Fiancée just posted this. Not long to go now! :)


The second stage of my Alice:Madness Returns cosplay is complete!

Next stage-buying dark makeup, drawing on the symbols on the pockets and I’m waiting for my necklace to turn up!

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Of Monsters and Men,
My Head Is an Animal

Mountain Sound- Of Monsters and Men

My song of the day. 

Fun with Faces

Discovering new fun with my latest pic!

Fever Dream.

Sickness distorts the mind as well as the body.


Everyone agrees there should be a Dredd sequel, it’s a no-brainer. Have you however, thought of expressing your desire for a follow up movie via the medium of song?


Lucky for you then that YouTubers, LegoLambs have and are currently serenading us with Dredd: The Musical.

Brilliant as this is, remember it’s just a bit of fan-made fun guys and in no way should be taken as an endorsement or hint at any future plans for an all singing, all dancing Dredd movie.

We continue with our own online machinations to get a second film made and you can still sign that official petition here or buy the comic book sequel story, Underbelly from our online store.

Mr Jack

It’s almost October, so here come the Halloween pics!


Stage 1 of my Alice Madness Returns cosplay. Necklace and boots on their way, ordering a petticoat and will be customising with her symbols!

A picture of Kay my fiancée.
I am still currently completing a lot of commissions and private work for clients.  Therefore I have had little time to put any other art up on the blog.  I promise there will be more higher quality art soon.


Shocking Truths Behind What Cat Behaviors Really Mean…

(via auspiciousemma)